Pablo Atchugarry

Pablo Atchugarry was born in Montevideo on August 23, 1954. His father Pedro, an art lover and student of the renowned Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García, recognized his skills and the interest he expressed and stimulated Pablo since childhood to come into the world of art.
In the beginning Pablo shows his artistic talent through painting, and then he discovered other materials such as cement, iron and wood.
In the late 1970s, after having several exhibitions in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre and Brasília, he made several trips to Spain, France and Italy, where in 1978 he had his first personal exhibition in the city of Lecco (side of Como). Then his paintings were exhibited in various cities including Milan, Copenhagen, Como, Paris, Chur, Bergamo and Stockholm.
In 1979 after experimenting with a variety of materials, he discovered marble as a fascinating material, and made his first sculpture in Carrara entitled “Lumiere.” In 1980-81, he continued travelling and exhibiting his paintings in Lucerne, Lugano, Munich, Zurich, London, Malmö, Paris and Bogotá.